The above examples show you what your Iron Inspired perspex art could look like in a living and working space.
Other colours and designs are available on the bespoke page, and now for sale at the Iron Inspired website store.

For commissioned work please contact info(at)
What is Perspex?
Perspex® is an innovative and stylish way to showcase art and design, presenting an image with added depth and dimension, with clean lines and a sleek modern finish it is fast becoming a display of choice within today’s contemporary interiors.

Perspex enhances colours with fresh vibrancy and when viewed from an angle it plays with the subtle interaction of light giving a prism like effect.
We reverse mount your Iron Inspired artwork and seal with vinyl thereby preserving the image with a quality handmade finish.

Your perspex will have a depth of 10mm, so can't and won't bend.

It reflects light like glass, but is lighter, more durable and safer, and doesn't shatter.

We supply you four smart easy to fit stainless steel fixings for you to hang on your wall. Then stand back and admire your Iron Inspired masterpiece...we are sure others will do too!